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About Us

We, the creators of this web site, are aware of the tremendous impact which throwing away our old stuff has on the environment. Often we throw away things like clothes, bikes, electronics, etc. which are still usable. They keep piling up in landfills and pollute the land we all feed from, the water we all drink and even the air we all breathe. Then we replace them with newer things which we throw away soon after we stop enjoying them. Our overconsumption stimulates overproduction which exploits the resources of our planet to the maximum and contributes to more pollution. At the same time there are so many people in need across the globe who live in poverty and struggle to afford buying food.

We hope that our web site will encourage more people to gain awareness and start living more consciously for the Whole, not only for themselves. We belive that more people can stop throwing away usable belongings in favour of giving them to people who will enjoy using them. Thus we will all contribute to reducing the landfills, to cleaner land and water, to less CO2 emissions in the air, to reducing the exploitation of non-renewable resources. Last, but not least, we can contribute to spreading love and joy among more and more people across the planet.

Please join us in our effort. This site is absolutely free with no annoying ads. Share it with your friends. Use it as much as possible to give away your unused stuff to whoever may appreciate it. Instead of buying something, first check if anyone offers it for free here. The more you give, the more you will eventually receive. Giving brings joy to both the one who receives and the one who gives.